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Why Coaching?

Coaching Turns Transitions
into Epic Landings— and points of departure.

Don't Wonder Later
if You Fully Went for It.

Gayle Carter

Contact: gayle [@] thisepiclife.com

Coaching Focus:


  • Leaders in Transition
  • Anyone who bullshits themselves
  • Conscious parents
  • World-changers + Frontline Activists


  • Love
  • Zeal 
  • Integrity
  • Beauty
  • Magic


  • Feel All the Feels
  • Glow in the Light



Meet your coach.

My passion is coaching leaders in transition, who are looking to co-create the life they truly desire.

There isn’t always a clear, or easy path to create the life we want, especially with all the change around us. We find so much joy and meaning in making it happen, but rarely invest time in ourselves to really look at what’s in the way.

It’s in our transitions
— whether we’re upgrading our careers, our teams, our partner(s), or our self-care habits— when we’ll create aspects of the lives we’ve always wanted.

Being ‘of service’
has always been at the heart of everything I do. Acts of service is my love language.

Always curious, and looking for the magic and connection around us… These are the things that drew me to the path of ontological coaching.


    • 12-month training in ontological coaching. Accomplishment Coaching, International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited

    • BA in Interpersonal and Public Communication. University of Akron

    • Natural Childbirth Education instructor & certified doula, specializing in postpartum mother care. Bradley Method Certified instructor, coach, and doula

    • Master Esthetician and Reiki level 2 practitioner. Aveda Institute, Chicago

I’ve been married to my husband Kris (KC) for 25 years, and Mom to our 3 children, Elliott (19), Frankie (15), and Leon (12).

We have two dogs, Bowie and Chunk.

“…Clear and Confident—
Even my Husband Noticed!”

“After every call with Gayle I felt happy, excited, empowered, and like a big weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Even my husband noticed the change in my attitude. I accomplished a lot in our time together!

Gayle is really able to listen— and sort through my chaotic thinking, identify where I was struggling, and what needed attention first. She always checked with me too, to make sure I felt aligned with what she proposed.

We came up with plans that were completely achievable. I was able to create small successes every week. Gayle helped me feel very clear and confident about what I needed to do next.

I am so grateful I had the opportunity to work with her!”
Nancy M.
Frontline healthcare worker, Quebec

Breakthroughs begin
the second you hire your Coach.



Get matched with a coach that's committed to your agreed-upon goals. Get a feel for how you'll work together.

Create Awareness

Until we're willing to see what's in our way, we'll keep retreating back to the comfy status quo. Your coach is a mirror.

Take Action

Real, lasting change happens by aligning actions to the new awarenesses your coach helps you create. Show up.

A Quick Word.
Who Coaching is For

The foundation of my coaching is rooted in what I call Ruthless Self-Knowledge. If you have an insatiable curiosity to leverage your unique skills into something sustainable and scalable, you’re in the right place.

I’m drawn to work with people who consider themselves “seekers.” They are less concerned with some fantasy quick-fix, and more concerned with experiencing life and success on their terms.

Taking action on any endeavor, whether a business project, or in doing deep, introspective work, is a requirement. No mystery there. This Epic Life coaching is designed for those who take action each and every day. But we’re less concerned with “action for action’s sake.”

We want to identify and inspire your right-action. These are the priorities that are often the most direct route to your goal.

Clients who have the thirst for self-knowledge are naturally humble. (Note: I didn’t say scared, or self-absorbed.) They are open to learning on all sides, yet confident enough to take action until they achieve the much-craved result. That is who our work seems to resonate with— and who it produces incredible results for.

3 Months is enough to set a strong foundation, but our clients who stay on for a minimum of 6-12 create lasting, transformative results.

When we mutually decide to complete the coaching term, This Epic Life will bless you on with your Project Designs— that if you stick with, will carry you to your big honkin dream.

What’s discussed on our calls is held in strict confidence, to the ethics and standards of the International Coaching Federation.

If you’re not comfortable showing up and talking about what’s really going on— or you’re the type who isn’t willing to take a deep, sometimes hard look at the relationship between how you live and what you contribute — WE WILL NOT BE A FIT.

You won’t get what you need, and will be wasting your money and both of our time.

When you’re vetting or hiring a potential coach, the first question you should ask is: “Who is your coach, and are you working together regularly?” If the answer is “not really” you are likely talking to an expert, fixer, or consultant.

Nothing wrong with that, except you’re going to need a breakthrough to achieve the results you want. You can’t fix the need for a breakthrough in my experience. I’m constantly reminded how powerful receiving great coaching is to providing coaching.

The quality of our work as coaches is directly related to the quality of the badass coaches we hire to keep us honest, keep us in integrity, and stand for our greatness.

Please also ask where they received their training/certification, and for the distinctions between therapy, coaching, and consulting. This will tell you if you’re talking to a coach, versus someone who is savvy at marketing quick fixes that don’t stick. 🙂

I chose Accomplishment for my training because it is ontologically-based. We studied and practiced hundreds of distinctions to tell when our clients are in their power (Essence), versus Survival Mechanism (or winning strategies). This is commonly referred to as “off the court” coaching.

Most clients hire coaches to hold them accountable, and to produce results. This is “on the court” coaching, and it’s a given. What I’m seeing though, without the “off the court” or “under the hood” piece, we’re not yet the people who can produce the much-craved results.

It takes both sides. I see this in the coaching I receive and the results I generate.

Get Real Results by Getting Real.