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Elle Dooley

: elle [@] thisepiclife.com

Sr. Director of Programming, Epic Leadership

Coaching Focus:


  • Women in leadership.
  • Relationship to time.
  • Leaders who juggle so much between work and home.


  • Visionary
  • Heart
  • Devotion
  • Community
  • Benevolence


  • 1: Permission to Chill
  • 4: To Glow in the Light


Meet Elle Dooley

I’m passionate about helping leaders whose lives feel full-tilt, and in full-bloom. My coaching and programs help us move beyond clock time.

Of Epic Leadership’s 4 Permissions Framework, Elle says: “…Permission 1, The Permission to Chill has always deeply resonated with me. I have such compassion for so many of us who are constantly geared up.

Leaders are anything but chill. This aligns beautifully with shifting our relationship with time. Less overwhelm, more spaciousness.”



    • 30+ years of corporate senior leadership positions. Fully-recovered! ✨

    • 12-month training in ontological coaching. Accomplishment Coaching, International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited.

    • Author and Teacher, The Archetypes of Time Oracle Deck. Program Creator, A Woman in Time: From Guilt to Grace.


    • Co-conspirator for Epic Leadership’s weekly newsletter community Tiny, Bold Moves.


    • Based in Albuquerque, NM

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