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“I’ve seen and been through a lot of cultural definition exercises over the years, and working with KC is definitely the one which has been the most productive and lasting. Our Mission & Values are on-point, and I predict they will continue to be so for a long time.
We really got them right.” 
Will Treves, GM IAC Applications (NYSE: IAC)


KC’s Notes:
I’m very careful in recommending reading for my busy clients. It’s too easy for consultants to say “read this” without offering proper context. Who has time to read a whole book when something needs fixed yesterday? Time is too valuable, and it’s not a renewable resource. Below are a handful of books I’ve found to not only be incredibly accessible, but also practical and #ACTIONABLE in creating the desired culture, team interdependence, or leadership qualities we’re looking for. A couple are regarded as modern classics. Others will be considered so in the coming decades.

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