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FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions


How do you define “personal transformation”?

It would be irresponsible, snake-oil marketing to promise you personal transformation in 3 months. I define PT as “…the necessary process we must go through to become the type of person who lives the dreams we envision.” It’s not enough to want things to be different, or to be more successful. We have to align our soul with the work at hand. Pursuing PT helps clear the veils and filters that get in the way.

Three months is long. How about month to month?

Because the goal is to identity your specific path and create a strategy for longterm success, it simply can’t be achieved in 2 or even 4 calls. Some calls will be #ELECTRIC (boogie woogie woogie). Others may feel like a scorching of the earth. We both have to be willing to commit to one another to give you the best possible chance of longterm success.

When are the calls and how long are they?

Our video call sessions will be 60-75 minutes in duration. My experience is that it takes a little time to get comfortable, and that stretching to fill an exact length isn’t necessary. 75-minutes gives us plenty of room to go deep and agree on next steps. The calls will be 2x per month, likely Tuesdays and/or Thursdays. Once accepted, we can determine a set, ideal time that works for us both.

What happens on the calls?

We will follow a loose structure designed to maximize our time. I may suggest we take a few minutes at the top for guided meditation. This will pull us both into an ideal “clean slate” or focused state that will allow a more natural unfolding. You will be doing most of the talking on the calls, as I prefer to extract lessons/wisdom/learning from you, versus lecturing. There will be time for teaching, if that’s what is called for. We will always pick up where we left off and jump right on. I look at our 6 calls together (over the 3 months) as a powerful “mini-series”. An arc will emerge that we’ll touch base with each week. We will deeply explore any themes that come up with you, but remain wide-open to what you need to move forward now. I’m big on accountability, so please expect me to challenge you, playfully taunt you, and/or lovingly needle you if you fail to complete agreed upon homework.

Homework can range from implementing new practices (example: meditation), to calling specific people and/or asking for specific things. You must be willing to do the work between calls to get results.

How much time will all this require of me?

Aside from the calls, this is largely dependent on the goals you set for yourself, and how serious you are about achieving them. I’ll always be directing you toward right action, and we’ll be pairing down distraction which will help you bend time into being more efficient. Please plan for at least 2–4 hours per week, plus the call time. Since our coaching arrangement is at the intersection of Life and Work, it shouldn’t be filed as “additional time on top of work, or life.” It should be filed as “subtraction”, as in “how much time am I getting back by not spinning my wheels *chasing Unicorns?

*Note: I use that phrase as someone who has acquired
a disturbing wardrobe of unicorn accessories. They
just keep showing up! It’s not my fault. I just work here.
I think it’s a symptom of the unshakeable,
positive Raditude my Grandfather inspired in me. 

What if we don’t like working with each other?

If you appreciate the type of work I put out in the world, and we both felt good after the screening call, this is very unlikely. Just by reading this all the way through and taking time to apply, I know you’re serious about making Big Changes. As for me, I strive to find balance of being a trusted, good friend. Good friends don’t let us fall for our own BS, right? Good friends see in us what we had a hunch was already there, often before we do, right? Will I challenge you? Oh hell YES (!!!) Because we all need that. But will I always be coming from a place of love, and respect? That’s the only way I roll. 

That said, if for some crazy reason we’re not working well together, the coaching contract does include an “out” clause with proper notice. My expectation is that we are both adults, and will always communicate as such.

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