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  I’m still processing all the profound magic that was Camp – Good Life Project 2017. 430+ amazing humans from around the globe, who travel in like pilgrims to romp around like children. I’ve felt increasingly blessed to call whatever I do there my “job” for the weekend. I wrote this zany theme song on […]

Scott Dinsmore Tribute Song

In early September, Scott Dinsmore, Founder of the Live Your Legend website and worldwide community passed in a tragic accident as he pursued a lifelong dream of hiking Mount Kilimanjaro.  Although we met only a handful of times, I felt we had a natural bond and a lot of mutual respect. Just a solid, loving guy. He was […]

Overcoming Harsh Perfectionism

  Are we in the Vulnerability Trust Tree? Good. I’ve been producing these “Funky Fridays” videos, and it brings up a lot of mixed emotions. The more I continue in my quest for meaning, the more the yogi in me demands to know the WHY behind my actions. Is this just a big ego stroke? […]

The Gear Doesn’t Make the Player (*but always choose pro-grade)

“When the going gets weird, the weird go Pro.” – Hunter S. Thompson I’ll take pro-grade gear any day of the week over consumer-grade, mass-produced crap. Gear refers to the tools of our trade, whatever that may be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no elitist snob or materialistic label pusher. My brand loyalty is nil. […]

I covet another man’s flower baskets

  Don’t you love it when you commit to a goal, and then on the way toward its attainment you decide it’s either too ambitious or too painful to keep actively pursuing? Still wanting it isn’t the issue, but maintaining your pace toward it definitely can be. This tension can feel like programming your GPS […]