Unlock your team to scale, and exit. Free Culture Checklist.

Which of these best describe
your company's challenges?

Growth Issues

Are revenue, and/or headcount not growing fast enough? Is everyone clear, and aligned on their roles and goals?


Are people unfocused, not communicating, or straight-up exhausted? Burnout is real, and so are its costs.

Gaps in Leadership

Are managers, and/or senior leaders driving results— or not? Are there noticeable gaps in EQ? (Emotional Intelligence)

It's time
to grow.

Rapid growth doesn't
have to require burnout.

Align your team culture
to drive the business.


Embrace all the change
that comes with rapid growth.

Our team installs
people-first operating systems
so you can scale.

Mission-Driven Businesses
come to us when they...

These are all unavoidable parts of the growth cycle.

It would be way more
convenient for everyone if you kept
forgetting your power and stayed:

These frenemies may be part of you, but they are NOT YOU. 


Free Culture Checklist

Unlock Your Team Culture
to Grow Your Business, and Exit.

Identify any gaps, and implement the 7 Commitments to Scaling a Powerhouse Team. Eighteen years of building award-winning workplace culture in just a handful of pages. 

This Checklist will help you if:

You’re always trying new things to engage your people.

Morale has taken a hit since the pandemic.

Your team isn’t open to coaching, or resists feedback.

Sunday Scaries make you dread going in on Monday.

You’ve experienced high turnover, or low Glassdoor scores.

You worry about how to hold people accountable— especially leaders.

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The 4 Permissions™
of Conscious Leadership



Create more space. Expand your container. Be with what is, and What Could Be. Meditate daily.

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Turn fear into fuel. Build your audacity muscles. Be open to failure, and willing to fight.


Attract allies. Step up in community. Redefine collaboration. Give, and fully receive support.

...a Spiritual Guide Unlike
Anything We've Ever Read!"


“Freakin’ Epic! A deeply feminist manifesto.”

About us.

Earlier on, my programs helped grow a team of 40 people with $40M in sales, to over 900 people with $450M in eight years. We won awards for our culture. Still, signs of burnout were everywhere.
Our clients have proven that rapid growth doesn’t have to include burnout.
Our clients hire more A-Players month over month, and keep them engaged to explode growth. At the center is a more joyful, purpose-driven leadership team.
Epic Leadership supports you to be the Architect: of mission-aligned culture, growth, impact, and more.
Kristoffer Carter, CEO & Founder
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