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					So excited for this new book, "Permission to Glow— A Spiritual Guide to Epic Leadership" by Kristoffer Carter. Four Permissions to move from panic, to peace, to POWER.

Ani DiFranco calls it "Freakin' EPIC!" and Laura McKowen says, "...finally, a leadership book with a soul!"

Now available for preorder. 
Book Trailer:

					Just preordered my copy! "Permission to Glow— A Spiritual Guide to Epic Leadership."

Move from panic, to peace, to POWER.

					Just grabbed my copy of "Permission to Glow— A Spiritual Guide to Epic Leadership."

Expand Your Awareness to live— and LEAD— while unlocking your highest purpose

					Author, executive coach, and meditation teacher Kristoffer Carter is touring to (safely-distanced) venues in support of this new book, "Permission to Glow— A Spiritual Guide to Epic Leadership."

Move from panic, to peace, to POWER.

Free to register: Text 'GLOW2021' to 55444

Tour Dates, and cities:

Hope to see you there!

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					KC breaks down the 4 Frenemies Within, and The 4 Permissions. (3 min)

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Originally written and posted by Laura Neff
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PRE-ORDERS ARE OPEN for Kristoffer Carter's gorgeous, brave, profound, moving, and practical new book, "Permission to Glow— A Spiritual Guide to Epic Leadership"! I was incredibly fortunate to get a sneak peek at the manuscript, and It. Is. BRILLIANT. 

There's nothing about this #leadership book that is everything you've read before, just re-packaged and pretty. KC is taking the leadership conversation to a whole other level, as only he can. Check out his book page here, and pre-order now! 

Book Trailer, endorsements, etc: 


Originally written and posted by Laura McKowen
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					Alright, listen up!

This book isn't just for business leaders, it's for anyone who leads in their life (everybody) - in their home, in their community, anywhere. I really dislike almost all business books, but this one is different, because KC is totally different. It's fun, funny, soulful, irreverent, smart and helpful.

KC has been endorsed by Fortune 500 CEOs, Ani DiFranco, authors Susan Piver, Jonathan Fields, Lisa Congdon, and so many more. 

I grabbed copies for my closest peeps. Get one for yourself, or buy a few for people you know. They'll thank you for it.

Book Trailer, endorsements, etc: 


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Permission to Glow Media Kit

Press Kit Includes Book + Author Images

Download and print the official press kit here.  Includes advance praise of Permission to Glow.

Thanks for having KC on! Find our podcaster and interviewer toolkit here.

Download and print the PDF interview here.

Download a selection of press photos and author bio’s here.

A string of safely-distanced, Northeast and Midwest dates have been announced. From September 20th to October 5th.  

Visit Here! TEXT ‘GLOW2021’ to 55444 to Register

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Every effort and gesture of support is thoroughly appreciated! Please let us know what else you’d like to see! We love your feedback. Feel free to message us here: preorder [at]



PRE-ORDER Multiple copies by October 5th and receive some amazing bonuses!


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Kristoffer sat for his ninth-grade yearbook photo rocking a very tightly permed mullet. He blames his friend Big Dave for talking him into it.

LinkedIn didn’t feel like the proper venue to share this important revelation. You’ll find anything you need to know about KC’s professional and spiritual adventures on

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or Facebook. Connect deeply with his teachings on Insight Timer.

His mom made his name harder to spell, yet somehow easier to find in social networks. Search “Kristoffer Carter.”

KC chills, feels, and glows in Akron, Ohio, with ‘The Carter Force 5’—his wife of twenty-two years, Gayle, and their three remarkable spawn, Elliott (17), Frankie (13), and Leon (10).


He is a disciple of the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda, through Self-Realization Fellowship, and their lineage of masters. Touring as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter in his teens, Carter continues to cowrite and coach his teenage daughter’s band, Detention.

Illustration by Matt Horak, Marvel Comics


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