One Weekend Will Change Everything.

Align + Amplify your Vibe of Manifestation— Create Profound, Positive Change.

Manifestation + Meditation Retreat

July 13 - 16th 2023

  • 2.5 Days, 3 Nights in gorgeous Encinitas & Carlsbad, CA

  • Two overnights in a research-backed, cutting edge EES— a high-vibrational healing and recharge sanctuary that must be experienced to be believed

  • Designed & Led by Kristoffer Carter

  • Limited to 6 Guests, by application

  • FAQ, including pricing info below

Because this is an intimate group of 6— organized around sensitive topics to each individual— potential guests will need to complete a simple application (5-10 min)


Northern San Diego County feels like Holy Ground. Or, at least there seems to be a lot of yoga studios, temples, and glowing, genuinely happy people.

Is that just the sun and surfing?

Or, could it be more than 80 years of meditation, teaching, and yoga-centered living by monastic monks, nuns, and devotees to the path taught by the revered “Father of Yoga in the West” Paramahansa Yogananda…

His influence and loving, peaceful, blissed-out vibrations are felt everywhere around Encinitas. Our past retreat guests will confirm this. 

Yogananda’s quote below summarizes the intention behind, and the invitation within our Heal To Glow Retreat.  The immortal spiritual teacher said:

“When the winter of trials comes, some leaves of life fall away. This is normal. It doesn’t matter.

Take it in your stride.

Say—’Never mind, summer is coming, and I shall blossom forth again.’

God has given inner strength for the tree to survive the harshest winters.

You are no less endowed.

The wintertimes of life come not to destroy you, but to stimulate you to fresh enthusiasm and constructive effort, which will blossom forth in the spring of new opportunities that come to everyone.

You must say to yourself, ‘This wintertime of my life shall not last, I will get out of the grip of these trials, and I shall throw out new leaves and blossoms of improvements.

And once more the bird of paradise shall sit on the branches of my life.”

Paramahansa Yogananda

I need to ask you a personal question.

When it comes to feeling at peace, complete, and on purpose...

What is in your way?

What comes up for you?


Now what happens when we release, or shift THAT?



Limited to just six attendees, this 2.5 day, immersive retreat experience will be unlike anything we’ve seen, or offered in the past. We’ll focus on deep healing by making peace with the first 3 of The 4 Permissions: 



  1.  P1: Permission to Chill. Peace with what is, as is.


  2.  P2: Permission to Feel All the Feels. Peace with our emotional needs.


  3. P3: Permission to Glow in the Dark. Peace with our highest expression.


These few days together will deepen your meditation practice, and connect you to yourself, to a [confidential] circle of allies on the healing road, and— to your soul’s innate ability to heal.



We will recharge for the next wave of work demands.

To Best Serve Our World in Need—
We must Make Peace at 4 Levels.

P1. CHILL. To slow down our experience of our ever changing world. To be at peace with what arises in the moment to test us. As is.

P2. FEEL ALL THE FEELS. To listen to the wisdom of our emotions. To be at peace with what wells up in our hearts to guide us. Feeling is our path to healing. 

P3. GLOW IN THE DARK. Full power, despite the ever-present fear. To be at peace with what the world is asking of us.

P4. GLOW IN THE LIGHT. To unlock the full power of others. To be at peace with our responsibility to uplift and serve humanity.

The Setting.

Encinitas, CA is home to jagadguru (World Teacher) Paramahansa Yogananda’s world-famous meditation gardens, and is the site where he wrote much of his spiritual classic Autobiography of a Yogi


Kristoffer Carter, Founder of Epic Leadership and author of Permission to Glow has been a disciple of the teachings of Yogananda’s Self-Realization Fellowship for the past 11 years.


Yogananda’s  teachings, from which KC’s “4 Permissions” teachings emanate from, are rooted in ancient yogic science. 


Yoga is truly universal, and applicable to all spiritual and religious paths. Yogananda’s mission was to demonstrate the shared goals of all true religions (to create a direct relationship to God), and to teach scientific meditation techniques to unite the individual human consciousness with our essential divinity— God, or Divine Mother. 


Yoga at its root means Union with Spirit.

Please note: the Heal To Glow retreat is designed and delivered by Epic Leadership, and does not imply affiliation with, or an endorsement by Self-Realization Fellowship.

What inspired HEAL TO GLOW.

In KC's words...

Just after Christmas 2022, our family started a much-needed three week break in Encinitas. While walking through the meditation gardens with my wife Gayle, I spotted a young man, literally glowing in deep meditation. That same young man, my new friend David Rose, stopped me as I was leaving.


Apparently, David had followed my coaching and writing for a few years and was clearly a fellow devotee of Yogananda.


What came next is truly auspicious, if not a bit miraculous. David and his wife Natalie had recently opened a truly cutting-edge healing center in nearby Carlsbad called Oasis.


Their sanctuary features one of the largest EES networks in the world. EES stands for Energy Enhancement System, a leading-edge healing modality that uses 24 computer terminals to create a palpable energetic field. EES has been studied by prominent MDs and PhDs from the University of Hawaii, John’s Hopkins, Stanford, and more. Elite coaches and performance experts (like Anthony Robbins) have been using EES, and/or championing its benefits for years. You can review all of the research on their website.  Or, through the FAQ below.


Once I knew this was up the road, I needed to experience this for myself. I used my torn rotator-cuff as an entry point, but something bigger was telling me I needed to see this.


The moment I stepped out of the Lyft, I noticed something different about the area of Carlsbad I was in. Everything felt like a higher vibration. Sparkly, and glowing is how I’d describe it. It felt like serendipity happening everywhere around me. I met David outside and he told me more about the many small (and large) miracles that led them to opening Oasis. I can’t wait for him to share these with you. I was so blown away, and inspired.


Then, I walked inside. I felt, and witnessed energy moving at a rate that I can’t quite explain. My short description is, picture “The Bifrost Bridge” depicted in Marvel’s Thor movies. The tunnel system Thor and Loki use to move between realms. Bifrost Vibes! Lol. Rainbow energy everywhere, circulating, pulsing up and around every square inch of the space, then straight up through the ceiling. I felt it in my cells, my bones, and in my left shoulder which has been causing me considerable pain the last few months.


While I was there I wasn’t present to any pain (physically, mentally, or emotionally). There were six gorgeous, brown leather Zero Gravity Recliners placed throughout the space. I looked up and saw the same photo I have of Yogananda in my office, smiling down at us. The entire space felt sanctified, like a very large Divine gift!


Standing in the space was one thing. Laying back in the recliner— with a solid black eye mask on, and large, high-quality headphones over my ears playing beautiful ambient, binaural music— allowed me to fully concentrate (or surrender to) the energy moving through me. My body, my being, my pains and worries, my excitement… They all seemed to melt. I felt as if I was being pulled into some deeper level of comfort and groundedness. I was completely safe, and would be “worked on” over the next two hours. I was able to fully release and surrender into what needed to take place.


I’ll expand on this at deeper levels with confirmed attendees. The rest of that day (and week) flowed like a river of serendipitous interactions, opportunities, and magic, all clearly tied to the healing I was experiencing. Not only the healing itself, but the incredibly high vibrations I had meditated (marinated?) in for two hours.


That day I decided to design this retreat. What I felt in the Oasis was *EXACTLY* what I wrote about in a section of my book (Permission to Glow) called Feel to Create— And even more powerfully, have experienced countless times on our 4 Permissions Retreats with guests and staff. The undeniable connection between inner healing, and outer glowing. That our mortal wounds, and the spiritual healing work ahead of us— should we be so brave to take it on— all of it is intrinsically tied to our purpose. 


Our divine purpose, our Big, Honkin’ Dreams, and however P3: Glowing in the Dark may express through us— has our wounds and our healing to thank for it. 


As I typed that, I just felt my teachers ripple their gratitude deep within me. My skin is tingling.


It explains why The 4 Permissions have attracted many truly gifted healers and seers to this work, and how countless clients have been blessed from their profound impact on me as a teacher, and shepherd of the framework. These immense talents include my (physically deceased, though unmistakably ever-present) teacher Dr. Alice Bandy, famed astrological intuitive Dr. Michael Lennox, mystic healer Theresa O’Connor, and in our own Epic Family— my dear sisters Shauna Wetenkamp and Alison Lewis. Each of these conduits to the Divine have helped me see myself, my wounds, and my opportunities for healing.


A truth I’ve seen repeatedly: As 1 is healed, many are healed. I remain deeply committed to my ongoing healing work— largely inspired by these 5 teachers above, and by The 4 Permissions.


If any of this sounds crazy, that’s perfectly OK! The actual crazy part is that I’m wired to be a skeptic! Believe it, or not. I ended up on the yoga path because it’s built on scientific, rigorous practice and produces predictable results. The Permissions are the same. If you do the work (no matter how out there it may first appear), you will get the results. “I will glow, you will glow, we will glow.”


Retreat Preview


Thursday Early Evening – Sunday Mid Morning, July 13-16th 

A more detailed agenda will be updated and circulated
by April 1st, or 30 days prior.

But here is the really wild, incredible gift.

During this retreat, we will be sleeping in the recliners overnight for two consecutive nights. We will have David’s incredible condo directly above us for workshops, showers, a kitchen, quiet separation, and anything else we may need. I will lead powerful intention setting, and debrief sessions between visits to the sanctuary— all utilizing The 4 Permissions.

We will (of course) take a pilgrimage to Yogananda’s Meditation Gardens for additional inspiration, natural beauty, and stunning views of the Pacific. “To contemplate the infinities of sea and sky” as Yogananda said in his Autobiography.

Of all the formats we teach and practice The 4 Permissions in— our epic retreats are both the most fun, and most profound.

Because this is such a unique, intimate retreat opportunity, registration will be by application only. This will ensure we all feel safe, well-balanced, and ready for what’s to come. This will be a high-trust, confidential container. We are strictly capped at 6 guests for this first event.



Select meals will be included. Likely our family dinner. For breakfast and lunch we will order, or head into Encinitas to hit some of my favorite spots (Juanita’s fish tacos, Goodonya Cafe and Juicery, etc). Too many to list. There is also a gorgeous little coffee shop onsite, in the same complex as the Oasis.

Picture silent sunrise meditations into powerful mantras, into day-breaker dance parties. Leading into some of the healthiest, most nourishing food, and connection we’ve all ever experienced. …And then our day of growth, laughter, healing, and adventure BEGINS! 



We will activate one of each of The 4 Permissions per day, and learn plenty of practices and awarenesses to focus your glow into your next chapter. 

Retreat capped at 6 guests.


Courtesty of The 24 unit EESystem is a 100% safe and life enriching technology (utilized by NASA, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and University of Hawaii MDs and PhDs) that supercharges your intentions, ideas, and creative power through transporting your consciousness to the elevated brain waves states of Theta, Delta and Gamma while simultaneously energizing and showering your bodies’ 37 trillion cells with biophotonic light, scalar energy, virgin rainforest and earth grounding (schumann resonance) frequencies.


Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, inventor of the EESystem technology describes it like having the perfect laser light acupuncture on every meridian and in every cell of the body, simultaneously.


The EESystem does not treat any conditions nor make any claims, it simply provides the system with harmonizing energies that empower the innate intelligence within us to clean house and realign.


Dr. Sandra notes that the EESystem is not a magic bullet, and although some people have life transforming experiences during their first session, the EESystem is most effective in combination with a healthy holistic lifestyle and an understanding of how we create our own realities through the power of thought, intention and will.

Learn more + view the latest research here.

Thursday Evening, July 13th to

Sunday Mid Morning, July 16th

Encinitas, CA + Carlsbad

Northern San Diego County (SAN Airport)

Land by 4P PST Thu 7/13

Depart after 12:30 PST Sun 7/16

Our location will be a 25-35 minute Lyft or Uber ride (5 North), depending on traffic.

Package pricing will include everything above, and will be offered shortly. We are finalizing just a couple more details. The registration fee is $1900.

Yes, you can make your retreat payment in up to 3 monthly payments.

Select, not all meals will be included. Likely family dinner. For breakfast and lunch we will order, or head into Encinitas to hit some of my favorite spots (Juanita’s fish tacos, Goodonya Cafe and Juicery, etc). Too many to list. There is also a gorgeous little coffee shop onsite, in the same complex as the Oasis.

Once accepted and registered, registrations are non-refundable but fully transferable to future Epic events. The exception is an illness that would stop you from participating.

Because this is an intimate group of 6— organized around sensitive topics to each individual— potential guests will need to complete this simple application.  The goal of the app is to help us understand what you’re working on, what you hope to get out of the retreat, and most importantly— what your participation would mean to the overall experience.

You will be contacted either way, and should it not be a fit at this time, we will stay in touch on future events later in the year. All information collected will be held in *strict confidence*, and will only be discussed between you and the retreat leader (Kristoffer Carter).

David Rose (owner of the healing center Oasis) mentioned that his two primary clients who become members, and spend considerable time in the EES are:


1 – People managing chronic pain, or recovering from significant medical treatment like Cancer or Chemo.


2 – People out in the world serve others at a high level— who need to “fully recharge their batteries” in new ways. I consider myself one of these people, and found the EES to be perfect for that purpose.

The ideal candidate will be open to the experience that needs to unfold for them, and trusting that they are in the right place.

Although we can’t (of course) guarantee a miraculous healing, we can guarantee that we’ll achieve the deepest possible levels of connection, in a very high-vibe, beautiful, and SAFE setting. This alone has created major shifts in past retreat guests’ lives, and we have witnessed major healings, clearings of the throat chakra, and connection to their own power.

The ideal candidate is open to the experience, and non-attached to any specific results.

We get it! Privacy, and the individual experience is our priority above any group experience— especially when it comes to snoring, or any personal issues.

The EES Sanctuary is set up to be fully immersive for each person, and you won’t be aware of anyone else around you.

There are eye masks, noise-canceling headphones, and a zero-gravity leather recliner (with pillows and blankets as needed). You will be completely comfortable, in your own experience, and not concerned or aware of those around you.

There is a very clean, brand new restroom right off the sanctuary for any personal needs during the night, and we’ll have the upstairs condo for personal space, showers, and learning sessions.

Should you need to exit the sanctuary for any reason, you will be taken care of and provided for.

We will have plenty of prep with David to understand how most people handle the overnight session, and what to expect.

From my book, Permission to Glow— A Spiritual Guide to Epic Leadership:


“I get that many of us (myself included) have baggage around spirituality.


I have no agenda to draft you into any religious doctrine. But stripping the spiritual core out of meditation, yoga practice, or business practice, for that matter, limits our knowledge to intellectual understanding and quick-fix tactics. Our goal in meditation, and I believe in life, is to move beyond our busy minds to get to the soul. To embody something more than the storm of conflicting thoughts. Whatever the “G-word” points to doesn’t care what you call it.


My guru (yes, I have one of those), Paramahansa Yogananda, teaches that we are tiny waves on a vast ocean of consciousness. We are extensions of that consciousness, and we can feel its presence through diligent, regular practice. This has been my direct experience. We might call this consciousness God, the Universe, Jah, Yahweh, Allah, or what Hindus lovingly call Divine Mother. As in, “If your dad seems unapproachable, go ask your mom.” Divine Mother is the feminine aspect of God, the all-loving Mother of all creation.


As a coach, my job is to connect you with your power. I take that responsibility seriously and will do this by any and all means available. Go ahead and call “that thing” your Higher Self or your Essence. The Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T.).

Again, it doesn’t care what you call it. My goal for us both is to feel, and then to gain direct perception of it. These are the foundations of yoga. And also of glowing in the dark.”


Reach out to us at
Our team will be happy to answer any questions.

About Kristoffer Carter 'KC'

Kristoffer Carter (“KC”) is the CEO and founder of Epic Leadership, a training organization for conscious leadership, which has created a daily meditation practice for thousands. KC has coached and taught meditation professionally since 2015 and was recently named to the Board of Directors for Yoga Alliance. 

His latest book, Permission to Glow— A Spiritual Guide to Epic Leadership has been featured in Men’s Health, Success Magazine, Good Morning Washington, NBC, CBS, and ABC morning news programs.

KC is a disciple of the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda through Self-Realization Fellowship and their lineage of masters. 

Kristoffer is also a professional songwriter, kirtan artist, and TEDx speaker. In addition to the annual Ohio 4 Permissions Retreat, KC has designed and led retreats in Costa Rica, Encinitas, CA, and will make his teaching debut at the world-famous Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in May, 2023.

KC  lives in Akron, OH with his wife (Gayle) of 23 years and their three children.

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Please note: the Heal To Glow retreat is designed and delivered by Epic Leadership, and does not imply affiliation with, or an endorsement by Self-Realization Fellowship.